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Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania



Latitude: 40.1214970, Longitude: -75.3399048


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beerer, Joseph Gable  19 Apr 1914Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I13770
2 Fretz, Clara Viola  12 May 1880Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6611
3 Fretz, Ethel Maude  24 Jul 1883Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6612
4 Fretz, Josephine Smith  23 Jul 1892Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6613
5 Grow, Anna P.  Jun 1851Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I1027
6 Grow, Henry  29 Mar 1843Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I346
7 Grow, Mary M.  Aug 1850Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I347
8 Hagaman, Edward Bicknel  27 Jul 1891Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6626
9 Hagaman, Mary Busch  17 Oct 1889Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6624
10 Harrison, Anna Sarah  5 Jan 1884Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I4218
11 Kite, Karl Kent  13 Jan 1883Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6622
12 Latch, Gladys  Nov 1919Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I9205
13 Lentz, Benjamin  1812Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I348
14 Lightkep, Barbara A.  28 Oct 1873Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I15659
15 Lightkep, John S.  27 Mar 1851Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I15657
16 Lightkep, William Henry  25 Jul 1875Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I15660
17 Newman, Joanna  Abt 1807Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6702
18 Pugh, Harry Habermelle  15 Mar 1872Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I15661
19 Smith, Bessie Alva  5 Aug 1883Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6618
20 Smith, Della Irene  1 Nov 1885Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6619
21 Smith, Elwood Grow  5 Dec 1875Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6616
22 Smith, Walter Leon  16 Jan 1881Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6617
23 Smith, William Yost  14 Apr 1874Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6615
24 Toland, Mary Anna Francis  14 Nov 1846Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I4516
25 Wilson, Anna M  28 Oct 1863Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I4382
26 Yost, Emma G.  Oct 1850Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6614


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beerer, Joseph Gable  13 Feb 1944Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6625
2 Fretz, Harry or Henry L.  1922Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6610
3 Hagaman, Mary Busch  21 May 1951Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6624
4 Hagaman, Roy B.  Bef 1920Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6623
5 Kite, Karl Kent  Nov 1962Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6622
6 Lentz, Earl William  16 Mar 2008Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I2784
7 Phy, Robert Clarence  10 Mar 2009Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I14084
8 Sholtz, Anna I  1 Mar 1867Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I345
9 Smith, Clara Vaughan  Aft 1920Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I4376
10 Smith, Elwood Grow  4 Jan 1876Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6616
11 Smith, Henry or Harry C.  1907Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I4374
12 Smith, Mary E.  1933Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I4375
13 Smith, William Grow  19 Feb 1899Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I996
14 Smith, William Yost  2 Mar 1880Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6615
15 Vaughan, Catherine A.  1 Nov 1915Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I4373
16 Wills, Michael  15 Jan 1829Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I8429
17 Wilson, Anna M  1924Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I4382
18 Yost, Emma G.  1931Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania I6614


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beerer / Hagaman  9 Sep 1911Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania F2080
2 Fretz / Smith  26 Apr 1877Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania F2074
3 Hagaman /   Abt 1915Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania F2081
4 Hofsas / Smith  Aft 1920Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania F2077
5 Kite / Smith  Abt 1905Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania F2078
6 Pugh / Lightkep  13 Jul 1903Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania F5582
7 Smith / Lightkep  9 Sep 1903Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania F2076
8 Yost / Smith  30 Nov 1890Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania F2843